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May 7, 2011 10 AM to 3 PM

Pony Express: This is the 151st anniversary of the Pony Express, and they will be back doing remounts and giving rides to the kids.

Mormon Battalion: Will be shooting their canon off again. They have a great display of 1850's stuff and hands-on demonstrations for the kids. They said that they will add some new things to their displays and demonstrations.

Blue Canyon Gang: This bunch of guys and gals is the orneriest gang on the western slope. If you gals are having a hard time getting your man to pop the question, the Blue Canyon Gang can arrange for a "Shotgun Weddin." Be careful - there will be another gang in town, and they don't get along, so you can expect a shoot out or two.

Gold Panning: Russ will be back showing the kids how to "strike it rich." Russ said that all of the rain this year washed down a lot of color. You could consider a trip to Clarksville Day an investment.

Antique Car Show: The longest stretch of the Lincoln Highway in California will return to the glory days With a visit from the Sacramento T's and the Capital A's clubs. They will be on display and will do a parade down the Old Lincoln HWY.

Model Train Setup: New this year we will have a wonderful train setup.

El Dorado Rose's Guys: Stop and get your picture taken with an El Dorado Rose. They are all dressed up in period custom.

The Rescue Historical Society and the pre-WWII fire truck will be back. They have some great pictures of some of the wineries and families in Rescue.

Folsom / Railroad Historical Societies: Will be able to show you plans for their excursion rail car. They will also have lots of Folsom memorabilia.

El Dorado County Historical Museum: Always brings a lot of interesting memorabilia and information about the history of Clarksville and El Dorado County.

Clarksville Region Historical Society: In addition to hosting the event, we will have some new items to show you and, of course, be able to talk to you about the history of the area.

Lincoln Highway Association: The LHA and CRHS are great friends. They are very supportive. They will have a booth and will show you the significance of America's first transcontinental HWY. They also have some great stories to tell.

Cemeteries Tour: We are adding a shuttle to the cemetery at the top of the hills.

Descendants Area: We have set aside a special area for the pioneer descendants They are a wealth of information and they like to share the Clarksville past. Be sure to pay them a visit.

The Percheron Horse and Wagons: These beautiful horses will again be taking visitors from the parking lot to "Downtown" Clarksville. In addition to last year's wagons, we have added a Concord Stagecoach.

Food: We told Jake the hot dog man to put extra help, and Crushed Ice Charles will bring lots of ice. The Placerville Elk's Lodge will be brining their ice cream trailer.

Music: Sit on the straw bales and enjoy the Pioneer Singers as they sing songs from the pioneers days.

El Dorado Hills Genealogy Society: Find out how to check you ancestry and learn about genealogy.