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The Clarksville Region Historical Society, with the help of its wonderful sponsors, is planning a truly great Clarksville Day event. The Society wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the local businesses and individuals that have provided financial support to the 2011 Clarksville Day. Please thank our sponsors with your patronage.

Stagecoach - $2,500
Parker Development

Wagon Train - $1,000

Freight Wagon - $500
El Dorado Hills Firefighters Association
Wilkinsons Portables

Carriage - $250
Ponte Palmero Adult Living
Brunello Law
El Dorado Hills Rotary
Fran and John Thomsom
Joerger Family
El Dorado Savings Bank
MJM Properties

Buckboard - $100
Capital Valley Reality Group
Veerkamp Constrution Nugget Stores
Raleys Stores
John and Cheri Cook

Special Thanks to:
STAR Sheriff's Team of Active Retirees - For parking assistance