Feb. 28, 2018 Carl Kowall will be the speaker at the CRHS monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 6:30pm. He will discuss his new book, The Story of El Dorado Hills, which is about Allan Lindsey's pursuit to create a completely new town. Kowall was part of the development team for the first ten years in the original stages of conceiving the project and getting it started. Click here to learn more about his book!

For details about our meetings, vist our Calendar Page. General meetings are open to the public and are held at 6:30 on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the meeting room of the El Dorado Hills Library. Call 916 933-3173 for more information.

In addition to our speakers, artifacts from CRHS collection are often displayed. The Society makes it a point to have interesting and well-qualified speakers.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome!
Past Speakers

Oct. 25, 2017 The Clarksville Region Historical Society will have at our meeting Dennis Amaral, speaking on the very historical events that had much to do about our area...The Mormon Battalion and the Mormon Emigrant Trail. The first building built in our area called Clarksville was the Mormon Tavern. Mormon Island yielded millions in gold. A peak near Carson Pass is named after a woman who walked with her husband with the Mormon Battalion from Fort Leavenworth to San Diego and then from Pleasant Valley to the Salt Lake region. Learn about these interesting stories. Join us October 25th, 6:30 at the El Dorado Hills Library community room. Free to public.

Aug. 23, 2017 Clarksville Region Historical Society meeting Aug. 23rd at the El Dorado Hills Library community room at 6:30 p.m. We will have as our speakers members of the Placerville Sacramento Valley Railroad Association. They will cover the history of the first railroad west of the Mississippi," our own "PSVRR," as well as the action to preserve these historic rails and what is happening to the rails during construction along Placerville Road in Folsom. Everyone is welcome to join us.

April 26, 2017. Michele Harris of the Pony Express Association will talk about the history of the Pony Express and share information about the ride planned for Clarksville Day May 6th.

March 22, 2017. During the first three years of the Gold Rush, it’s estimated that one in five died within three months of their arrival. What happened to them? Why was the mortality rate so high? Why are pioneer cemeteries important? Where are these places? Who owns them? Can I visit them? Who is buried there? Are they protected?

Clarksville board member Mike Roberts will answer those questions and more on Wednesday, March 22 at 6:30 in the El Dorado Hills Library community room. Mike is a member of the county Cemetery Advisory Committee. He has a presentation on the cemeteries in and around Clarksville, and will be conducting tours during Clarksville Day, May 6, 2017. He’s also leading restoration efforts at Union Cemetery in Placerville, and will share the challenges of that experience as well.

Free to public. For more info, call 916-933-3173 and leave call back number.

Feb. 22, 2017. Clarksville Region Historical Society presents "Waka-tales" by long-time Wakamatsu docent Wendy Guglieri. The Wakamatsu story begins with the upheaval of medieval Japan and its military nobility, the Samurai, a small group of which fled Japan for the gold fields in 1868. The evening will consist of a mix of stories from the Wakamatsu colony and its most celebrated occupant, Okei San, a 17-year old Japanese girl who became the first Japanese woman buried on American soil. Okei San remains a folk-hero in her homeland. Wendy and fellow docent Herb Tanimoto have hosted a steady stream of Japanese VIPs since the American River Conservancy began offering tours. Those stories alone are worth the price of admittance... which is free... not to diminish the stories, which are awesome.

Jan. 25, 2017. Join us for our 2017 Annual Meeting and listen Mike Skinner talk about the history of the J. Skinner winery dating back well over 150 years ago.  He will talk about how he discovered his background and the effort trying to rebuild the winery in Rescue.

Oct. 26, 2016. The Clarksville Region Historical Society presents an evening with Tony Mansour, the man whose vision defined modern-day El Dorado Hills. Please join us on Wednesday, October 26, 6:30 p.m. at the El Dorado Hills Library.

Tony will describe his acquisition of the failed “new town” project in 1981 and the planning effort that went into the 1988 specific plan, which provided a blueprint for modern-day El Dorado Hills and the mechanisms to fund the requisite infrastructure.

The results are evident today: great schools, multi-generational recreation options, charming and diverse neighborhoods, superb restaurants, ample shopping and entertainment, prosperous residents and strong home values.

For more information on the Mansour legacy in El Dorado Hills, see the Mansour backstory PDF file. PDF icon

Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet the man who made it all possible, hear his reflections on the experience and ask him questions.

Sep.28, 2016 The Lincoln Highway Association will present a history on the building of the first coast-to-coast highway, the Lincoln Highway, built 1913 to 1918. This presentation is in keeping with the Clarksville Region Historical Society inaugural of the “Historic Lincoln Highway 8K Run/Jog/Walk” on October 1st. Join us on Sept. 28th 6:30pm at the EDH Library Community Room. Bring friends. Free to public. For more info call 916-933-3173 or email

Aug. 24, 2016. Elena Smith, Librarian for the California State Library will be speaking about the history and influence of the Joerger and Tong families whose cemeteries are located in Clarksville and the Clarksville Cemetery.

May 25, 2016. We have Ellen Osborn, author, talking about the “Evolution of Highway 50 from Indian Trail to Today." At 6:30 in the community room of the EDH Library.

Apr. 27, 2016. Oakridge High School Student Presentations of this year's historical research projects, at the EDH Library.

Mar. 23, 2016. Dr. John Thomson will speak on the history of Bass Lake.

Feb. 24, 2016. Dr. John E. Thomson presents an interesting history on our Bass Lake, entitled "Bass Lake, a Gold Rush Relic". Dr. Thomson has researched this part of our history for over a year. This is a very surprising and interesting part of our early history to the present time. Bring friends and join us at the El Dorado Hills Library

Jan. 27, 2016. This month's speaker is Dee Owens, on the historical maps of El Dorado County.

Oct. 28, 2015. This meeting at the EDH Library features J.G. Kearney. She will present the story of the Great Bullion Bend Stage Coach Robbery here in the Placerville area. This is sure to be a fascinating story!

Sep. 23, 2015. The Clarksville Region Historical Society will have their meeting Wednesday, Sep. 23 at the EDH Library starting at 6:30 p.m. Our speaker will be Melinda Peak. Melinda is our local archeologist who has researched the local history extensively. She will present the story of the Page murders that took place in the 1800’s here in Clarksville and area. Fascinating story, so join us for this interesting tale and bring a friend.

Aug. 26, 2015. We begin with a presentation by Toni and Dennis Amaral on the building of the Mormon Immigrant Trail. This road was built in 1848 going from west to east, leaving from Pleasant Valley and crossing Sierras. The trail was built as they returned to the Salt Lake vicinity.

Mar. 25, 2015. Retired El Dorado Hills Fire Chief Larry Fry. Larry Fry served as fire chief from 1993 to 2007 before retiring from the department. He is a wealth of historic information on the early days of El Dorado Hills and the the role our EDH Fire Department played in its development. As always this meeting is open to the public. Join us at 6:30 p.m. in the El Dorado Hills library community room.

Feb. 25, 2015. Jim Harville, presedent of the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Association will speak to us about the past and present of the PSVRR. The oldest railroad west of the Mississipi River.

Aug. 27, 2014. This presentation will be remembered by many who have lived in El Dorado Hills for sometime. The speaker, "Buffalo" Will Neunam, is a very colorful personality. He is part Cherokee and part Cree and has a large collection of Native American artifacts as well as an assortment of old automobiles and airplanes. He was a jazz singer and has appeared in nightclubs as the "white Nat King Cole". We were all sorry to see the familiar buffalos go after 40 years of watching the herd. Join us at the library at 6:30. Tell your friends is open to the public and it is free.

Jun. 25, 2014. 6:30 PM at the EDH Library. The Clarksville Region Historical Society will present Lanny Hardy, owner of the Historic Cary House (1853) in Placer. Lanny will be joined by Josh Thorp on banjo. Togather they well be telling the story of the of the Cary House with tales and music of the times. The guest list of the Cary House includes a former President, John Studebaker, Mark Twain and Betty Davis. It promisses to be a very fun night.

May 28, 2014. The Clarksville Region Historical Society will have their meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the El Dorado Hills Library Community room. Our speaker will be Janette Rogers, El Dorado County Cemetery Commission for District 1 and the eastern part of District 2. Janette will show slides of local and county cemetery history. Our pioneer cemeteries locally and county wide reflect the history of the gold rush days and the founding families. This will be a very interesting and informative presentation. Open to the public.
Betty January
Past President and Program Director
Wendy Guglieri
Long-time Wakamatsu docent Wendy Guglieri speaks to attendees while showcasing her Japanese cultural collection.
Wendy Guglieri
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